Will you help our scientists to develop a new approach to reducing the stress and fatigue of being in online meetings all day?

The Idea

Our games are based on the science of Cognitive Behavior Modification, through which new habits of thought can be learned toward boosting wellbeing. Our games have been shown to reduce stress, boost confidence and improve performance.

We are currently developing a new suite of games. For now, you can try one of these if you're interested:

How you can help

Let your responses contribute to developing more effective games. We are developing adaptive algorithms to tailor the games to each user's particular characteristics. We do not collect data about you other than the responses you give. If you have any comments about our games, please send them along using the form below.


Our research has contributed to a new approach to assisting people in training a positive identity and emotional attitude. The starting point is the observation that most social experiences have an element of ambiguity, which allows for selectivity and bias: When interacting with other people, for example, one's emotions can be strongly influenced by the particular elements of the interaction that the brain anticipates, focuses on, interprets, and stores for recall later. It has been known for decades that people who have a somewhat positive orientation when thinking about their experiences tend to have higher general wellbeing, and fewer problems with low self-esteem or anxiety, than people with a negative bias. Building on this background, our research over the past decade has shown that it is possible for people to train their brain to have a positive rather than negative social orientation, and that this training can improve wellbeing - sometimes dramatically. In the scientific psychology literature, the past ten years has seen an exponential growth in research into the possibility of training cognitive responses to emotional stimuli (this research is often referred to as Cognitive Bias Modification).


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